Saturday, April 20, 2013

Goldie Giveaway!

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We're Counting Down to Goldie Locke!

We first met Goldie Locke, CIndy Eller's little sister, in How (Not) to Kiss a Prince:

Last of all came my fifth sister, Goldie Locke. I couldn’t even make this stuff up. My mother was truly that evil. Goldie fit her name perfectly, with her bright gold hair and huge dark eyes. She surveyed the room briskly with a straight forward attitude. My little sister was a promising young Environmental Magic lawyer with the three Baehrs, Attorneys At Law. She spent her days fighting for the rights of endangered magical creatures.
Her suit was all no-nonsense without one ounce of frill, but she still looked more feminine than I would in a gown of frilly lace.
It had been almost two years since I had seen Goldie. She had been traveling all over the world with her work. I grinned with excitement as she spotted me and immediately crossed the crowded room to seek me out.
“This is organized chaos,” she announced with a wry smile, returning my greeting hug with enthusiasm.
“Thanks, I think,” I answered, “since I’m in charge of it.”
Her nose crinkled when she smiled. She smoothed back her golden hair and sighed. “I suppose you know that I’ve been doing all kinds of overtime work lately for Mom, trying to solve your little problem?”
I blinked at her. “I had no idea,” I confessed. I licked my lips. “Is there any hope?”
Goldie sighed. “Not yet,” she admitted reluctantly. “It’s pretty clear and simple for this kind of contract. Mom agreed that her eldest child, if a daughter, would marry the eldest son of the Family of the Middle Lands.” She shrugged. “You’re the eldest. And, well, with Mom being who she is, well, even if we didn’t have the contract hanging over us, we have enough Blood that the Council would have stepped in and insisted that you marry first to fill the old law—archaic though it may be.”
I scowled. “Great,” I muttered. “I’m trapped.”
Goldie popped a truffle into her mouth and ate it elegantly. “It’s not so bad, right?” she said soothingly. “It’s not like you’ve ever had any love life to speak of. Surely he’s not bad-looking?”
I fought the urge to rip my hair out. “I have a boyfriend,” I growled. “A boyfriend whom I happen to love.”
She blinked. “Oh.” She thoughtful nibbled at another truffle. “I had absolutely no idea.” She brightened up. “What’s he like? What kind of Magic does he have? How did you meet?”
“Um,” I said slowly. “Goldie, my boyfriend is Ordinary. He’s a foodie, like me.”
Her dark eyes searched mine for a long moment. A sideways grin curled up one side of her mouth. “I bet Mom just loves that,” she chuckled. “Way to go, Cindy!”

Now Goldie is starring in her very own series of books! Goldie Lock and the Were Bears: #1 Baehrly Breathing will be coming May 9th to Amazon Kindle and paperback. I'm going to be giving away some gift and swag, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ew. That is kind of a gross phrase, isn't it?

Here's what one beta reader had to say about Baehrly Breathing:

"Cute and tough, Cindy Eller's half-sister Goldie Locke finds herself as a PI on a hush-hush case involving endangered magical mini-mastadons while partnering with an Ordinary detective. But of course, he's not quite as ordinary as he seems....

This book was a delight from start to finish, even while keeping the suspense up in a high-stakes crime investigation. I recommend it to Cindy Eller fans as well as anyone who likes romance along with pink pachyderms and greedy dragon hatchlings... who are bonded to at least one zombie rooster."