Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Prime Swords-- Where's the Time Machine?

Be still my heart. Where were these when I was a kid? Prime Swords are up on Kickstarter, a moment I've been waiting for. Why? Because I was one of the first people to get to play with one of these babies. I love them. I don't endorse lightly. These are something else. For one thing, my kids haven't managed to destroy them yet. For another... a dragon sword!
 I haven't stolen the image for the dragon swords yet, but they are even more brilliantly amazing.

Check them out-- and let me know on Facebook if you decide to back them (which you will). I have my own little incentive for those who contribute... an advance copy of none other than How (Not) to Love a Hero.

I think Goldie and Cindy would want a couple of these. What do you think?