Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm Back!

Ok, so, a blogger, I obviously am not. I can't even count on my hands together how many books have been released since the last time I wrote on here. Shame on me (bows head). But... I am willing to do better in the future. We'll see if good intentions will overcome the countless obstacles that surround anyone who juggles family and career in the all-too haphazard way that I do.

Currently, I'm visiting a series of stories set in the fictitious town of Karma. Two of them will be set in the same world and time as most of the series, while one is a literal blast from the past. Are you excited? I am!

That one is not available for pre-order yet-- so don't look! 

I have big plans for the future-- for all the worlds I have already visited, and more that have only started to tickle the surface. Keep an eye out for my addition to the collection, A Wicked Halloween. 

I've had questions about what I'm going to be working on next. The truth is-- I don't know. The squeaky wheels always get the grease. If you want more out of a particular series let me know-- here, on facebook, on twitter, etc. I love my readers and try to be responsive.


  1. Why is Àmber in Ashes not on kindle unlimited? Like the rest of the series?

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  3. Desperately waiting on the next book in the Cindy Eller series! You left us on the edge of the cliff!! I read all 10 books in 4 days and cannot stand the suspense for the next one.

  4. More Karma please. Please, please.